Hi Everyone,

We have over 200 Wanneroo Repertory members who fall 12- into various categories – I’m sure we could all have fun giving each group a name, but that is not my purpose for mentioning it. The three main categories are – those whose intention was to join as a member and come along to all of our productions purely as audience members, 28 supporting the cast and crew; those who come to perform and those who support the performers. I am not raising any group above any other or criticising, and individuals have their own reasons for joining any community group.

But – you knew there’d be a but! – For our theatre to function well we need people to ‘step up’. We need members to give of their time and their expertise and skills. So how can you help? You don’t have to be part of the 11 member committee, you don’t have to join the Tuesday Task Force, you don’t have to help out at front of house, you don’t have to help paint scenery, you don’t have to sew or alter costumes, you don’t have to construct props or build sets, you don’t have to make applications for funding or rewrite the constitution – but someone has to!

What is currently happening is that we are exhausting our volunteers! The same people always volunteer to help when something needs to be done. “Why didn’t you ask me?” I’ve often heard, and what I want to reply is, “Why didn’t you offer?”

An illustration of this problem exists – I recently circulated a “positions vacant” appeal to members looking for a Treasurer and a Secretary to join the Committee, and at the point of writing I have received three expressions of interest – thank you!! However, we can always use an ‘understudy’ for when other volunteers are on holiday, so I’ll wait to hear from more of you.

Please continue to do what you can to make our theatre the best community theatre in Perth. Let’s make our group the one that changes the volunteer statistics – 20% of the people do 80% of the work!

See you at the theatre


Shelley McGinn