Strategic Business Plan

The Repertory’s plan for the next 5 years

Wanneroo Repertory’s Business Plan for 2018-2023

The Repertory’s new business plan, which was originally  developed to cover the 5-year period from July 2016, has now been further updated.

The Plan’s primary objective is to provide a framework and strategy that supports continuation of the Repertory’s activities over the planning period.  It contains:

  • Background information and a brief history of the Limelight Theatre;
  • Analysis of its current operating environment:
  • A strategy for improving use of the facilities; and
  • A financial plan to support the agreed strategy over the next 5 years.

Key goals, objectives and timelines have been classified as:

  • Short-term – to be completed within a matter of months.
  • Medium – goals to be achieved over next two years; and
  • Long term – broad framework and major activities to be covered during the life of the plan.

This plan is a living document to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis as one phase is completed and another commences.  Minor changes were made in January 2017 to re-align projects with the 2017 and 2018 financial years.  The plan is now further developed to cover the 5 year period to 2023 in line with the land lease held by the City of Wanneroo.

To download a copy of the Plan, please click here.