An Evening with Sherlock Holmes (Play)

8.00pm 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13 July / 2.00pm 7 July

Telephone bookings open 10th June 2019 Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am till 12 Noon

A triad of mysteries comprising:-

The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor is the tale of a British aristocrat, who marries an American millionairess because his family fortune has run out. However, on the wedding day, his young wife disappears. Sir Robert immediately calls on Sherlock Holmes to uncover the mystery of what has happened to Hatty. A happy ending ensues for Hatty but, alas, not for Sir Robert.

The Milverton Adventure pits Holmes and Watson against a nefarious blackmailer, Charles Milverton, who is blackmailing one of Holmes’ clients, a woman who wrote several damning letters to a former lover that could, if revealed, destroy her impending marriage. In his effort to save his client, Holmes plans a radical solution which leads to the fatal shooting of the blackmailer. Is justice finally served?

The Disappearance of Adam makes this evening with Holmes unique. In this mind-boggling play, Holmes must solve one of the existential mysteries. With its theme of life and death, the great detective, the super sleuth of innumerable cases, must solve the riddle that has puzzled the most brilliant minds in history! How does a person cope with his or her own demise? A not-to-be-missed climax!



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