Mission Statement

Our Values, Mission Statement, Vision and Strategic Aims.


In meeting our strategic aims and achieving objectives, we will adhere to a set of fundamental values.

We will:

  1. Communicate and engage with people, communities and external organisations and maintaining strong relationships;
  2. Develop and maintain effective partnerships;
  3. Value our volunteers, members and customers; and
  4. Maintain a respectful and safe working environment for all volunteers, performers, patrons and other personnel involved in the operation of the Theatre;
  5. Provide quality live entertainment that is accessible, inclusive and affordable:
  • Accessible – convenient (local), with good parking facilities and disabled- friendly
  • Inclusive – for all people, groups and ages
  • Affordable – reasonably priced membership, and an affordable night out.

Our Mission

Wanneroo Repertory’s mission is:

  1. To provide quality live entertainment in our community.
  2. To promote interest in live theatre and encourage the development of skills within our Theatre.

We aim to enrich the residents of our community’s quality of life by offering quality performing arts presentations in the Limelight Theatre, a purpose-built theatre of local significance.

Our Vision

The Limelight Theatre aims to be a vibrant community theatre presenting quality, affordable live entertainment and social events for the local community, and will be recognised as such both locally and State-wide.

We will provide a venue that is attractive, accessible, and delivers a memorable audience experience.

We will deliver a programme that provides value for money, has variety of entertainment and encourages participation of its members and wider community.

Through good governance, accurate management information and targeted marketing activity, we will ensure that the Repertory is financially viable and able to plan and react in a timely manner to changing circumstances and audience trends.

Strategic Aims

  1. Implement and maintain a financially viable business model;
  2. Ensure that our activities support the needs of our stakeholders. These include our members, audiences, performers, volunteers, City of Wanneroo and the wider community at large;
  3. Increase audience awareness and patronage by developing an improved public relations, marketing and branding strategy;
  4. Improve utilisation of the theatre facilities;
  5. Provide a safe environment for volunteers and Theatre patrons; and
  6. Maintain a venue that is attractive, accessible, provides a good customer experience and encourages regular visitors.
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Limelight Theatre productions would not be possible without the generosity of the community, its dedicated members and financial support from its sponsors.

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