Hello Members

Another production has come and gone and we’re into rehearsal mode for “An Evening with Sherlock Holmes” and audition mode for “Kinky Boots” and “Rock of Ages” –never a dull moment at the Limelight Theatre!I thoroughly enjoyed our production of “Natural Causes” which lived up to its advertised blend of ‘black comedy/farce”! A very entertaining and slick production –the sort we have come to expect from Susan Vincent, her cast and crew. Some of you may also be aware that we have actually presented this play before –some 23 years ago –and Gordon Park played the same role in both!It has been a few years since I have directed a play at Limelight and although as I write this, we have only had one rehearsal –I am very impressed with my selected cast and crew. There are lots of new faces in this production and the staging of the production will be a little different to the more traditional way of presenting Sherlock Holmes’ tales of intrigue!You will see inside the newsletter that we are calling for productions for our 2020 seasons. We are looking for a varied program for the year which will include drama, comedy and musical. You don’t have to be an experienced director to throw your cap in the ring; we can always find an experience director to mentor new directors. Alternatively, if there is a play that you think the theatre should be putting on, why not make a suggestion? It was discussed at the recent AGM that our repertoire could be more varied and challenging, so if you have ideas on how the theatre can achieve this blend, please put your hand up with suggestions, your input will be supported 100%. We are all aware the venue is superb, let’s fill it for every production and enjoy ourselves! We exist for our members whether they are performers, directors, technicians, volunteers or audience and would welcome any ideas you might like to share.Following our most recent committee meeting, we have set the wheels in motion to upgrade several areas of the theatre. Namely the audience wash basins and tapware, the back stage wash basins and tapware and a complete overhaul of the back stage kitchen. These things won’t all happen at once –but they will happen!

See you at the theatre -Shelley