Notice of Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 10th April 2019 at 7.30PM

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting will be held at the Limelight Theatre, Civic Drive, Wanneroo on Wednesday 10th April 2019 at 7.30pm.

The Agenda, Nominations Forms, Descriptions of the Committee Positions and Committee Organisation at within the attached links.

Nominations for positions on the management team must be received by the Secretary no later than Wednesday 13th March 2019.

Forms may be either posted or emailed to the Secretary:
                  The Secretary
                  Wanneroo Repertory Inc
                  PO Box 77
                  Wanneroo WA 6946

Agenda AGM April 2019

2019 Limelight Committee Nomination Form – Final

AGM Minutes 24 April 2018 (final)

Committee Roles and Key Responsibilities v10 final – 2019

Organisation Chart v1 final edit 2019

Financial Members of the Wanneroo Repertory who are unable to attend the Annual General Meeting may vote using the attached Proxy Form. (follow link below)
Forms may be either posted or emailed to the Secretary:
                  The Secretary
                  Wanneroo Repertory Inc
                  PO Box 77
                  Wanneroo WA 6946
To be valid, Proxy Forms must be received no later than 5.00 pm on Wednesday 13th March 2019
The proxy should be made out to the name of another financial Repertory member who will attend the meeting and vote on your behalf.
Photocopies of this proxy form are acceptable.

Wann Rep Proxy Appointment Form – 2019

Limelight Awards 2019

Due to attendee numbers falling short of requirement the Awards Night planned for the Wanneroo Sport and Social Club has been cancelled. Another date and venue will be advised after the next committee meeting. Those who have already purchased their tickets will be refunded by calling the Bookings Officer on 0499 954 016 on Monday 28th or Wednesday 30th January between 9am and 5pm to arrange this.

Audition Notice

The Real Housewives of Perth, the musical. Directed by Helen Smolders, Musical Director Shaun Davis. Dreaming to be a DIVA?! Come and be a part of this “Uproarious smash hit!” Can you be “Funny, cute, catty and comical?” or perhaps “beautiful, bitchy, and back-stabbing!” then this is the musical for you!
This new musical, written by Molly Bell is presented by Wanneroo Rep at The Limelight Theatre, playing March 14th – 24th 2019. The director is auditioning for all six roles (5F, 1M) on Saturday 15th December at Wanneroo Secondary College (11am – 3pm). Auditionees to prepare one song (please bring own backing track) and a short monologue suitable for the role applied for. Please reserve your audition slot by email:  Character breakdown as follows: Joanne Johnson: Female, 30s, the perfect wife who seemingly has it all, a put-together, type-A personality — nothing in her purse is out of place. Joanne is named “Head Housewife” under unusual circumstances and is thrown to the wolves by the other wives when her husband Anderson is indicted for fraud. She crawls her way back to the top as she learns how to change her life and become more like a “real” Real Housewife.

Babette Bellini: Female, 30s, Joanne’s best friend/frenemy, is desperately trying to hold onto her marriage to real estate mogul Royce Bellini, who is cheating on her with an “unspecified party” (who we learn is another of our wives). Her friendship with Joanne is almost destroyed by jealousy and rivalry, and their journey toward their patch-up is the heart of the show.

Beezus Horowitz: Female, 49-55, the oldest of the wives, trying to hold onto her youth, elegance, and wealth. Even though she doesn’t like it, she acts as the matriarch of the group. When Joanne has troubles, Beezus stirs the water as only she can to create mayhem and chaos.

Lulu Delecante: Female, mid-40s, the mysterious wife with a mysterious sort of English accent. She is a Sultana, and despite her divorce from the Sultan, she still uses the title, which she uses to hide a dire secret from the rest of the wives. Always first to recommend a pharmaceutical pick-me-up, Lulu helps steer Joanne through her early rocky period with the other wives.

Penny Quinoa St. Simone: Female, 30, cute and spirited, this wife is a follower, married to Theodore St. Simone (of questionable sexuality). Penny is both quick-and-dim-witted, a pleaser, and sells a 10-day cleanse called “Babylicious.”

Man: Male, 30s-early 40s, plays all the men in the show: Anderson Johnson, Royce Bellini, Theo St. Simone, a swishy hairdresser, a bedazzling TV host, a snooty shoe salesman, a mysterious gypsy, and so much more. Must be very adept at multiple characters and quick changes.