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Audition Notice for Let The Sunshine

Limelight Theatre’s production of “Let The Sunshine”, a David Williamson play, will be presented in August.

Auditions will be group based to explore interactions between characters. The roles of Rick and Emma will be done from 1:15 – 1:45. Toby/Ros and Ron/Natasha will be done in various groupings from 2:00pm.

Details of audition piece will be given at the read through.

TOBY, 60.
ROS, mid 50s. His wife.
RICK, 30. Their son.
RON, late 50s.
NATASHA, late 50s. His wife.
EMMA, 34. Their daughter.

For more information contact Tim Riessen using the box below.

Audition Notice – Pygmalion

Please mark these dates on your calenders… there will be
full audition criteria listed in June

Information night: 16th July, 2pm
Audition Dates: July 29-30
Rehearsals begin: August 28th
Performance Dates: October 12 – 15, 18 – 21

* All prospective actors will be required to prepare a short monologue, which they believe showcases appropriate performance skills. They must also be prepared to perform a short excerpt (chosen on the day) from the show.

For more information please contact Jacob Turner using the box below.

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