Willy Loman has been a traveling salesman all his life. Although Willy has worked hard, his family has always lived on the edge of poverty, while he has constantly told himself and his family that his deserved ‘big break’ is just around the corner. The play consists of events in the present moment mixed up with events from the past, seamlessly weaving together, all leading up to a pinnacle moment in the existence of Willy Loman, a moment where he realises his own failure.

Audition Dates: January 13-14

Performance Dates: March 8th – 17th

Willy Loman (60 y/o): Travelling salesman with high aspirations that have failed.
Linda Loman (55-60 y/o): Willy’s devoted wife.
Biff Loman (30-35 y/o): Eldest son, a failure in his father’s eyes.
Happy Loman (25-35 y/o): Younger brother to Biff. A womanizer who idealises his father..
Uncle Ben (60-65 y/o): Willy’s older brother. A successful businessman.
Charley (60-65 y/o): Loman’s next-door-neighbour and father of Bernard. Friend to Willy.
Bernard (25-30 y/o): Charley’s only son. Intelligent but lacks general personality.
Howard Wagner (30-40 y/o): Son of Frank Wagner, Willy’s former boss. Howard has taken over his late father’s position. A hardcore businessman. 
Stanley (25-50 y/o): A waiter at the restaurant.
The Woman (30-49 y/o): Willy’s former lover with whom he had an ongoing affair with in Boston. She appears only in Willy’s memories.
Letta and Miss Forsythe (25-35 y/o): Two woman who meet Biff and Happy at a restaurant, most likely prostitutes.

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