Hello Members and friends

Your theatre is again very busy and, as usual, when one production ‘bumps out’ the next one ‘bumps in’. The very popular “Kinky Boots” is in the full swing of rehearsals and getting ready to wow you in September! Also, rehearsing away from the theatre “Rock of Ages”, our end of year production which is cast and ready to start its preparations and rehearsals. I was delighted to see the excellent audience attendance for “Sherlock” which had a sell out on the final night! We had a rocky start, with me having to step in at the eleventh hour, but the cast and crew were very proud of the final result. Audiences and often our members are unaware of a lot of the work that goes in to keeping our theatre running smoothly. I have frequently mentioned the work of our Tuesday Task Force and more recently the band of women now helping out in the wardrobe area. But there are many others who spend hours in the background working away without applause. One such volunteer is our properties manager, Lorretta Gibbs, who has been an amazing worker in our theatre. She has not only organised the props and furniture, but over the past couple of years she has built the shelves which house many of these props to make for easier access and a more orderly display of these assets.She has also mended props, created props for productions –who can forget the amazing tree that appeared in the Darling Buds of May! She took on the soft furnishings as well, carefully measuring and labelling each piece to save time when something was needed for the stage. Thank you for everything Lorretta. Last month I mentioned that we are making a sizable financial investment in a new lighting system. I am pleased to report that the preparatory work has already begun with the removal and cataloguing of our current lights. I am pleased to announce that we now have filled the position of Sound Manager. Paul King, who has some experience in this area and who volunteered, along with Richard Tudge, to operate the sound board for “Sherlock”, has agreed to step in to the position. Welcome Paul and thank you to all of our theatre volunteers.


See you at the theatre -Shelley