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It Runs In The Family

“It Runs In The Family”

A madcap farce set in a hospital.
Written by Ray Cooney and directed by Susan Vincent.



Thursday 20th April at 8.00pm
Friday 21st April at 8.00pm
Saturday 22nd April at 8.00pm
Sunday 23rd April Matinee at 2.00pm
Wednesday 26th Apri at 8.00pm
Thursday 27th April at 8.00pm
Friday 28th April at 8.00pm
Saturday  29th April at 8.00pm

Bookings open on 20th March.

Moonlight & Magnolias


By Ron Hutchinson  – Directed by Carryn McLean

“Daring, desperate and damn funny this play sees the director, producer and screen writer as they grapple with the non-existent script for “Gone With the Wind”.


David O Selznick—the Producer—TIM FRASER
Ben Hecht—the Script Writer—CHRIS JUCKES
Victor Fleming—the Director—ANDREW GOVEY
Miss Poppenguhl—the Secretary – CHRISTINE SMITH


Thursday 23rd February at 8.00pm
Friday 24th February at 8.00pm
Saturday 25th February at 8.00pm

Sunday 26th February Matinee at 2.00pm with Afternoon Tea

Wednesday 1st March at 8.00pm
Thursday 2nd March at 8.00pm
Friday 3rd March at 8.00pm
Saturday 4th March at 8.00pm

Synopsis:      The play is set in Hollywood 1939 – Semi –independent mogul David O Selznick has just shut down the film production of Margaret Mitchell’s bestselling novel “Gone With The Wind” after three weeks of shooting.  His reputation (not to mention his bank balance) is on the line and he is determined to have the rewrites completed in five days.  He engages a somewhat reluctant script doctor Ben Hecht – possibly the only person in the US not to have read the novel.  Together with his new director, Victor Fleming  (poached from the set of The Wizard of Oz where he has been squabbling with the Munchkins and coming to blows with Judy Garland), the three are locked in Selznick’s office for five days with nothing to eat but a stockpile of bananas and peanuts to sustain them.  What follows is a hilarious clash of egos as they endeavour to complete the script within the timeframe.

The Folkin Bogans

Saturday 18th March 2017, 7.30pm to 10.30pm.
”For one night only at the Limelight Theatre Saturday 18th March 2017 three incredibly talented sisters (plus a guy!) will entertain in the foyer of the theatre.
At just $15 a head it promises to be a great night for music lovers.

Who are these “Bogans”? – check out their website and Facebook page.

Bring along a group of friends and some nibbles and make a night of it.
Tickets $15.    Only 70 seats will be available for this event, so book online now!

A Night At The Oscars

The Awards Night—delightfully dubbed “A Night at the Oscars” will be a RED CARPET event!  With formal dress encouraged.  So frock up and come along!
Bookings for this night, 21st January, can ONLY be made on line, so please don’t delay as we need to ensure the catering for your light supper is adequate.

Kalamunda Youth Swing Band

Our Sunday performance on the 22nd is already proving quite popular with bookings, so PLEASE don’t leave it to the last minute to book as again we need to make sure our catering is adequately covered.

Blitz – The Musical

If you need assistance, or for telephone bookings call 0499 954 016, 9am – 12noon, Monday-Friday.

By Lionel Bart

Director – Alan Brock

This musical is set, as the title suggests, during the Blitz (the aerial bombings during World War II) in the East End of London.

The story focuses on two families—the Jewish Blitzteins and the Cockney Lockes. Mrs Blitztein and Alfred Locke have adjacent stalls on Petticoat Lane. She sells herring and he sells fruit; they do not like each other. But their children George and Carol are in love with each other. There are more than 20 songs in this production, each one telling the story of war, love and friendship.

NOVEMBER 24th, 25th, 26th and 30th    DECEMBER 1st to 3rd,  and 7th to 10th

Please support our proud sponsors of this show:

Run For Your Wife

By Ray Cooney

Director: Susan Vincent

John Smith is a London cabbie with his own taxi, a wife in Streatham, a wife in Wimbledon and a knife- edged schedule!

He has been a successful, if tired, bigamist for three years, but one day gallantly intervening in a mugging, he is taken to hospital with mild concussion.

In the ensuing complications, aided by his unwilling friend Stanley, John tries bravely to cope with a succession of well-meaning but prying policemen, the press, two increasingly irate wives and a very gay neighbour, until he manfully confesses the truth, but no-one believes him!

Performance Dates:

28th—30th July, 4th—6th, 11th—13th August.

All performances commence at 8.00pm prompt.

Book now to reserve your seats – call 0499 954 016 (9am-12pm Monday to Friday)


Mary Smith – Christine Smith
Barbara Smith – Susannah Bell
John Smith – Gordon Park
D S Troughton – R J Smolders
Stanley Gardner – Andrew Govey
Newspaper Reporter – Tom Melanko
D S Porterhouse – Peter Boylen
Bobby Franklin – Chris McCafferty


By David Hare

Director: James Hough-Neilson

On a bitterly cold London evening school teacher Kyra Hollis received an unexpected visit from her former lover, Tom Sergeant, a successful and charismatic restaurateur whose wife has recently died.

As the evening progresses, the two attempt to rekindle their once passionate relationship only to find themselves locked in a dangerous battle of opposing ideologies and mutual desires!

Performance Dates:

September 22, 23, 24, 29, October 1, 6, 7, 8.


Kyra Hollis—Emma Shaw

Edward Sergeant—Jacob Turner

Tom Sergeant—Gino Cataldo

One Act Plays

“Don’t shoot the Messenger” – written and directed by Bob Charteris

This is a light-hearted tribute to the golden days of print journalism and the action of the play opens on the final day of a physical newspaper production before the Daily Messenger switch- es to an online edition only.

Bob has performed on the Limelight stage several times and at Stirling Players and has written quite a few plays.

“The Broken Slipper” – written by Yvette Wall and directed by Alida Chaney

The world of Fairytales is in an uproar, the characters are all rebelling and The Fairytale Tribu- nal are rushed off their feet!
The defendant is Cinderella, who has left her story and broken the rules.

Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandma heads the tribunal, the Wicked Witch from Hansel and Gretel is second in charge and Snow White is the Secretary and Administrator!

Not just a fractured fairytale, it’s positively smashed to smithereens! Not everyone will live happily ever after….or will they?

A very cleverly written play which helps us examine our own lives and what constitutes happiness. This one act play won six awards at Dramafest 2014 including Best New Writing, Best Direction and Best Overall Production

Make sure you don’t miss out on this season as it only plays 4 nights in February—12th, 13th, 19th & 20th.


A Mystery/Thriller written by Patrick Hamilton Directed by—Karen Tropiano

March/April 2016
31st March & 1st, 2nd, 7th—9th & 14th—16th April