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Kinky Boots 12th-29th September 2019


Inspired by true events, and based on the film of the same name, Kinky Boots is a huge-hearted hit musical telling the story of two people with nothing in common – or so they think! The story is about Charlie, who on the death of his father, inherits his family’s failing shoe factory. While contemplating whether to close the factory and sell the premises, Charlie goes to the defence of what he believes to be a woman being attacked by muggers, and so he meets drag queen Lola, who subsequently convinces him of an unmet market for exclusive glamour footwear in larger sizes. Through trials and clever innovation from the initially resistant factory workers, Charlie and Lola save the business and discover a surprising friendship. This joyous musical “struts its stuff with sparkle, stilettos and heart!”

Kinky Boots (Musical)

8.00pm 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 28 Sept.

2.00pm 15 Sept. (With afternoon tea).

2.00pm 21 Sept. (Show Only).

VERY IMPRESSED ….. great show, all performers were fabulous!!
Amazing voices and the songs were captivating and all well performed. It had a touch of everything fun, humour, melancholy, surprise etc. the show was long but actually goes really fast and we felt really drawn into the characters.
Lovely night out in beautiful intimate old style theatre.

Deb Gray

Fabulous production of Kinky Boots at Limelight Theatre in Wanneroo this afternoon. A positive tale with an uplifting message that was colourful, joyous, well performed and staged. Loved it!

Perth Theatregoer

I attended last night’s performance of Kinky Boots. WOW! Congratulations to David Nelson and the cast and crew. It was a fantastic show and I loved it. I have known David for many years.We go back to our Rockingham Theatre days when he was just a teenager, not that long ago really! David has come a long way since, his talent was not sufficiently acknowledged back then, but his creative abilities were clearly on show this production. Great work David, you have put together a team which has produced an artistic and commercial success. It was a pleasure to see people I have worked with in the past in this production. Manuao, Dixie, Taui, Chris, David Gray, Erin it warms my heart to see you up there doing what you do. Your talent overwhelms me with pride. Nowadays, I feel like the old man of the theatre dispensing praise like rose petals, but I sincerely had a wonderful time last night, seeing you all, and I mean all the cast, such talent we have in our theatre community. Continue to proclaim the message of love, diversity and inclusion. Once again my congratulations enjoy the rest of the run. This is not a review of your show but you have my permission to share the comments elsewhere if you wish to do so. Much love, Geoff x

Geoff Leeder

A brilliant show, a brilliant theatre and brilliant people. Well done Jane and David on your direction and to all the cast, BRAVO 👏 it was great to see so many familiar faces last night and you were all amazing. ❤️❤️❤️

Sooz Bennett

An Evening With Sherlock Holmes 4th – 13th July 2019

An Evening with Sherlock Holmes (Play)

8.00pm 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13 July / 2.00pm 7 July

A triad of mysteries comprising:-

The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor is the tale of a British aristocrat, who marries an American millionairess because his family fortune has run out. However, on the wedding day, his young wife disappears. Sir Robert immediately calls on Sherlock Holmes to uncover the mystery of what has happened to Hatty. A happy ending ensues for Hatty but, alas, not for Sir Robert.

The Milverton Adventure pits Holmes and Watson against a nefarious blackmailer, Charles Milverton, who is blackmailing one of Holmes’ clients, a woman who wrote several damning letters to a former lover that could, if revealed, destroy her impending marriage. In his effort to save his client, Holmes plans a radical solution which leads to the fatal shooting of the blackmailer. Is justice finally served?

The Disappearance of Adam makes this evening with Holmes unique. In this mind-boggling play, Holmes must solve one of the existential mysteries. With its theme of life and death, the great detective, the super sleuth of innumerable cases, must solve the riddle that has puzzled the most brilliant minds in history! How does a person cope with his or her own demise? A not-to-be-missed climax!

Saw this play today! Well done everyone! Another great success!

P.S The afternoon tea was really good too.

Lillian Green

Another fabulous show. Well acted and the last story was very interesting. Well done everyone.

Tolla Edda Anderson

A great show. Really enjoyed this one!

Karen Horlatsch

Natural Causes 9th-18th May 2019

Vincent, a professional suicide ‘enabler’, is contracted by Walter Bryce and arrives at his country house. Vincent assumes that his painless poison is intended for Walter – or maybe for Walter’s wife Celia – or both? But why is her suicide note left unsigned? Who called the Good Samaritan? What is Walter’s secretary’s role in this? After several failed attempts at poisoning various characters, will anyone actually shuffle off the mortal coil and can the rubber plant survive?

Gordon the Optom

This made a great night out. Well done to everyone involved.

Sarah Boulter

The Real Housewives of Perth 14th – 24th March 2019

Whether they’re cute, catty and comical or beautiful, bitch and back stabbing, The Real Housewives of Perth are coming to the Limelight Theatre.

Written by Molly Bell and directed by Hocking resident Helen Smolders, the musical is based on the television franchise and localised for a WA audience, looking at how the women interact with each other and their partners.

Wives Joanne, Babette, Beezus, Lulu and Penny each have their moment in the sun to showcase their life. But they all have secrets, revealed during the course of the show, and the musical explores how they deal with the revelations.

After a slow start, the pace picked up and turned out to be an enjoyable funny show. Jacob Turner was particularly amusing playing so many roles with great timing. Congratulations to a very talented cast!

P.S. I will never be able to utter the name BALGA without grinning!

Lillian Green

Great show, get there for a great night out.

Gayle Clements

Romeo and Juliet 27th September – 13th October 2018

Romeo and Juliet was first performed in 1594 and now 424 years later this timeless classic is still one of the most popular and performed works of Shakespeare.  Romeo and Juliet has been adapted numerous times for stage, film, musical and opera venues and now Limelight Theatre (our first Shakespeare ever!).

Two star crossed lovers come together in spite of the constant opposition of their warring families.  Street brawls, a masquerade, hope and the best laid schemes of the well intentioned will lead to an inevitable and tragic conclusion.

Peter Clark (Director) brings a contemporary approach to this much loved Shakespearean classic, involving lights, sound, film, music and much more!  An accessible production suitable for young and old, first timers and Shakespearean and those wanting to experience how enjoyable Shakespeare really can be!

A Fairy Tale of Sorts

Fairy Tale of Sorts owes its gestation to films such as ‘A Knight’s Tale’, Python’s ‘Holy Grail’ and a host of Disney features.

The play harks back to Medieval times, as we join the good folk of Partridgedale and meet with a bunch of lovable misfit characters in a madcap fairytale for BIG kids.

Performance dates: 28th June – 7th July 2018






Death of a Salesman

Willy Loman has been a traveling salesman all his life. Although Willy has worked hard, his family has always lived on the edge of poverty, while he has constantly told himself and his family that his deserved ‘big break’ is just around the corner. The play consists of events in the present moment mixed up with events from the past, seamlessly weaving together, all leading up to a pinnacle moment in the existence of Willy Loman, a moment where he realises his own failure.

Audition Dates: January 13-14

Performance Dates: March 8th – 17th

A Princess Dream

Princess Harmony
Freya BeadleFairy Sparkle
Aleisha ArcherPrincess Ariel
Amy SalesPrincess Cinderella
Beth TandyPrincess Belle
Erin BarrettQueen Elsa
Courtney Seale

Princess Rapunzel
Sahara Rowan

Our young Harmony will meet many famous princesses along her journey and take your child along with her as she learns all the values that a good Princess should have, such as being kind, caring, thankful and most of all, to be yourself! The show is written in the style of a pantomime and encourages audience participation; your child can interact with Harmony and all the other characters, ensuring a wonderful time is had by all! With lots of songs you already know and love, it will give you an inside look into the world of a Princess as Harmony discovers what it truly means to live out every child’s dream! This show is for all ages, and will be especially enjoyed by families with young children.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Sunday 11am show has been withdrawn. 2pm appearing as normal

Coming to the Limelight Theatre in January!

Mike Peden: One Night Only

The Dean Martin Centenary Musical Tribute Show

Starring Mike Peden


One Night Only – Saturday October 28, 2017

Doors Open 7pm for Drinks and Supper.  Show starts 8pm

Tickets $15

The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer

Musical with music by Matthew Sklar and lyrics by Chad Beguelin.

*Additional performance date: 6th December*

The musical revolves around Robbie, who sings at weddings, his failed relationship with his former fiancée, and his romance with a new love, Julia.

Premiered on Broadway in 2006 and had several US tours starting in 2007. Nominated for the 2006 Tony Award for Best Musical.



November 23rd, 24th, 25th and 30th,  8.00pm
December 1st, 2nd,  8.00pm
December 3rd, 2.00pm matinee with afternoon tea
December 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th,  8.00pm

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